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Abdalla Moftah
Great service from zeth
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Zeth was easy to talk to on the phone and he also was knowledgeable and was able to advise on job opportunities. He was very professional and embrssive in his job he was very timely in his work and response.I'm a very happy repeat customer and would love to work with Zeth again in the future I really appreciate that thanks.

Chandima Ranathunga
Senior Frontend Engineer CV review
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

The service received was professional, friendly and super. Thanks.

Excellent service
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Extensive knowledge of what the up to date resume needs to look like and what needs to be included

Edmilson Pereira
The attention
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Thanks but, I couldn't understand almost everything; there was some echo in the room... I would like to do this by Google Meet or something like that if it is possible.

Katy- Chief People Officer
So sorry about the call quality issue that you experienced, Edmilson. Unfortunately, Google Meet wasn’t an option for us but, instead, we provided you with a comprehensive written review of your CV. If you have any questions on this at all, do please get back in touch with us directly.
Quality of the sound
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I couldn't hear properly because the sound is muffled

Katy- Chief People Officer
We are really sorry that the quality of the call made it difficult for you to hear all of the feedback that we were providing you with. This was a technical issue that we have since been able to fix.

However, I was delighted to see that you took advantage of a completely free CV writing service that was offered to you following this review, and look forward to hearing back from you soon with an update on your job search.
Temitope Seye-Ajala
CV review made the difference
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

The highlight of the review was quite wonderful and helpful, very precise and constructive.

Clear communication
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Personal approach. Nice conversation. Good tips to improve cv even without buying a package.

For finding out what service you need
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

I enjoyed this phone call as I was able to distinguish which package I needed, and which ones I did not.

Knows what he is doing
Reviewed on | CV/Resume Review Call |Verified Purchase

Jeff is a great consultant! Speaks clearly, direct and really respectful.