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Incredible approach
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Always thought, that using professional services for writing CV is for people who does not have any accomplishment. I have changed my mind when decided to take this opportunity working with Claire. She is curious and professional writer. She understands, customers needs. She is asking questions in order to write professional resume. She managed to create outstanding CV for me. I feel now more confident. There is nothing, rather than my accomplishment, and whole carrier, included. Thank you for all that.

Thorough and Meticulous
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I am extremely satisfied with their service in crafting a LinkedIn profile content that resonates confidence on behalf of the applicant. They are very patient with multiple revisions and quite responsive to any queries I sent during and after the process. Highly recommend their services!

Professional and informative.
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

The process was professionally handled and pleasantly informative.

Christian Mucke
Great Help
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I never had a LinkedIn Profile. But with all the information and assistance supplied I am looking forward to having my Professional Profile Online. Great work, great feedback and great inputs. I will definitely recommend you to others that are in need of your service.

Professional LinkedIn profile
Reviewed on | Next Step LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I had no idea about all the features that can be put on a LinkedIn profile and I am glad I chose the package that included improving the profile by a professional. Looks so perfected now.

Josh W
So easy-to-use
Reviewed on | Advanced Career LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

The document which I received from James is fantastic. It mirrors everything which is contained within my CV and is so elegantly written. The format in which it is sent is literally a step-by-step guide on how to make your profile look better with helpful suggestions, but also a copy/paste exercise so you don't even have to think about it.

Paul- Run Away, it's a scam!
This is a scam
Reviewed on | Specialist LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

They aren't specialists. They take your money, hire freelance writers to do a crap job, and then don't pay them. If you complain, they wait X days and declare you "satisfied" and take your money.

Peter- Chief Executive Officer
Hi Paul - we sent you a first draft (which is a skeleton - the first step in the process) and asked you for further info so we could start to put meat on the bones. You said you'd come back to us with info/feedback soon. You then disappeared for two whole weeks and your order auto-closed informing you that we could reopen it for you should you return. We reopen orders for clients when they return to us where work is incomplete - at no point did we 'declare you satisfied'. You then, apparently out of nowhere, decided to start launching insults and swear words about.

We sent your money back to you this morning and are banning you from further use of our services for causing our team undue distress with your unprofessional, unfounded and rude remarks.

We are a tight-knit team of digital nomads - the vast majority of us are indeed longstanding freelance contractors. We most certainly do pay every single one of our team members and, together, we do brilliant work for our clients (as you might be able to tell by our high review score ratings across the web and the fact that we have been in business since 1998).

Had you afforded us the opportunity to present you a second draft rather than launching into expletives and unfounded defamation I am sure you would have gone away happy with the work we would have ended up doing for you.
no info for linkedin profile...
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I never received the info to build my profile. (I ONLY received a Cover letter and resume)

A very reliable service provider!
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Overall, I am very much happy with their services! Sometimes, they may get very impatient to inform you their prices without listening first. My documents were updated by Rebecca and I must say she did a very good job! I wish her all the best!

Peter- Chief Executive Officer
Hello! So glad to hear that you were pleased with the end result working with Rebecca. :)
Feels good to look good on LINKEDIN!
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Feels good to look good on LINKEDIN!

Well-Stacked Profile
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

My LinkedIn profile is now so beefed up you would think I injected it with steroids. I cannot recommend Nathan enough. You are truly doing yourself a disservice if you opt to go with anybody else.

Grace Kanyi
Satisfied Client.
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I am a happy client, many thanks to Christopher, Maria and Ollie for quick, friendly and efficient results.

David Munyasia
Made my LinkedIn my new marketing tool
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase
Maria Camino Lifante
Very pleased
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

I really struggled with differentiating from that should be on my Linkedin Profile and on my CV, Jeff, my consultant, created and amazing profile, with very simple instructions for me to upload.

Neil Smart Costantino
Excellent Service
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase

Service was always very quick and clear with everything they need to know, and informed me of all developments.

Salim Mohamed
Excellent Service
Reviewed on | Professional LinkedIn Profile |Verified Purchase